Vashi’s new chill-out abode is – The Fan Club.
Bright lively décor, great space, great food, amazing thirst quenchers and a peppy ambience is what makes this place one of the most popular hang-out spots in this side of town. Not to mention the great selection of music that they play, which encompasses a little bit of every genre to please all audiences indiscriminately.
What further enhances the amazing music experience, though, is the adept and comprehensive loudspeaker system that the venue has adopted, which has been designed and commissioned by pro audio stalwart Roger Drego (and team!) using his signature series of pro audio products. The space features multiple numbers of the compact and efficient RD10 loudspeakers which ensures high quality audio delivery consistently across the venue, while the RD12WC subwoofers provides impressive low frequency fidelity all through. The loudspeaker system here is amplified by RD 4.08 power amplifiers; with a single unit of the DBMark XCA24 DSP sorting the signal processing and management solution.
A member of the management at The Fan Club notes, “The lounge has a very unique look and feel to it – the ambience automatically invites you to relax and unwind, which makes it the perfect chillout spot. So while designing the audio system for the place, we had to choose a set of loudspeakers that would fit in seamlessly with the venue’s ambience, and deliver great quality audio performance at the same time. That’s what the RD system does best, which is why we chose to have these loudspeakers integrated throughout the venue. And it works like a charm. We are very impressed with the system’s ability to deliver great quality sound and music.”