“Cooking Up Stories” – that’s the tag line that Fable sports. An all-day café and pizzeria by RedBrik Hospitality, who opened doors in Mumbai’s ever-bustling Powai region, has its fantastical stories come to life in its menu as well as the mystically astute ambience. The vibe at Fable is quite literary – with every corner of this quaint space evoking a feeling of comfort and encouraging guests to reminisce tales of the past and bond with one another.
The café-restaurant has a bright and airy alfresco section, complete with picket fences and streetlights, and a lively interior section with a comfortable seating and dining arrangement. In keeping with the bookish theme, there is a “fable wall”, plastered with several open novels, scrawled over with an arty illustration. The place is nicely decorated with elements that give it a look of an adorable French eatery – little flower planters hanging on the walls, soothing colours to adorn the overall scheme; lamps artistically bunched together; The ambience is simply gripping.
What’s also equally enticing here is the quality of music experience – pristine quality sound that’s loud enough to enjoy, yet be kind and soothing on the ears. Such a superlative aural experience is achieved through a carefully designed and integrated pro audio system that utilizes world class gear from Roger Drego’s signature series of products.
Commissioned by the brand’s in-house team of audio experts, the astute pro audio system at Fable comprises the use of multiple numbers of the supremely compact but highly impactful RD5.25 loudspeakers spread across the indoor and outdoor sections of the venue, a delivering world-class sound experience, with a single unit of the precisely positioned MXS10 compact sub-woofer from Quest Audio providing the much-appreciate low-frequency impact in the indoor section. The entire system is powered through Quest Audio’s QM1000p power-amplifiers, with top quality music playback assured through Roger Drego’s signature RD media player.
Commenting on the sound-experience at Fable, a member of the management states, “The new system from Roger Drego that we’ve installed here at Fable works fabulously in ensuring crystal clear audio across the entire space – indoors as well as outdoors. The system accurately reproduces all kinds of music with great ease, and has enough headroom to deliver a louder and more impactful audio performance whenever needed. Not only does it deliver exceptional quality sound, but the fact that the system is also extremely easy to use and maintain, makes it’s a true gem. And what’s even more heartening is the fact that several patrons have complimented us on the great quality of music played here!”