Since their launch Roger Drego subwoofer’s high-quality output has already set a benchmark in the industry. The subwoofer’s components, cabinet design, cabinet material, internal bracing material, cabling, grilles and various other elements have been designed and fine tuned to achieve an exceptional level of sonic output. All this has helped these subwoofers achieve a high reputation which is second to none.

These subwoofers incorporate superior cone materials, basket components and neodymium and ferrite magnets (in select models). As subwoofers undergo immense stress because of high cone excursions, RD Subwoofers are also tested in similar conditions, they are put through stressful and demanding situations to ensure that they deliver exceptional fidelity at high SPLs.

Air flow in and around the cabinet is also taken into consideration while designing the subwoofers. And thanks to all the efforts taken, turbulence noise is kept at minimal possible levels, thus ensuring clean and turbulent free low frequency energy.

Roger Drego subwoofers are meant for a number of applications – from installed sound to live venues to road show applications – these subwoofers boast of an exceptional level of low frequency response and they can efficiently transfer high electrical energy into a powerful acoustic output.

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