Roger Drego line arrays have been designed keeping in mind the touring and the live sound reinforcement industry. The line array elements have been subjected to years of research and a variety of tests. Also, research has been done at live venues and in open air environments to understand the difficulties experienced while flying and rigging large and medium format line array loudspeakers.

The line array series consists of a medium format line array – dual 8” and a large format line array – dual 12”. The RD 208LA is meant for applications where in high-fidelity sound and high-acoustic output is desired. The RD 208LA is ideally meant for theaters, houses of worship, performing art venues, mid-sized touring sound reinforcement applications and other installed sound reinforcement applications. The compact RD 208LA is also designed to act as side fill and downfill hangs along with the RD 212LA for large scale venues and concert sound applications.

The RD 212LA is meant for high-power applications wherein wide coverage, high SPL, headroom and flat phase and frequency response are of utmost importance. The RD 212LA is ideally meant for arenas, stadiums, theaters, large-scale concert halls, venues and events and touring sound reinforcement applications. The RD 212LA is capable of long throw applications thanks to its cabinet design and efficient low, mid and high frequency transducers.

Each line array element is constructed out of birch plywood to ensure a rugged build quality and minimal cabinet vibrations. The line array loudspeakers are also built to last and withstand extreme weather conditions thus making it an ideal choice for open air applications. The RD 208LA and RD 212LA has been designed with a quick rigging system for fast set-up and tear down, making it a rider-friendly and tour friendly loudspeaker. High-quality components and wide dispersion capabilities ensure that each loudspeaker delivers an exceptional level of sonic performance and at the same time they are also able to carefully reproduce the subtle nuances in music.

The main USP of Roger Drego line arrays is that the RD 208LA and RD 212LA do not feature passive crossover networks within them. They follow the active crossover approach which improves frequency response, phase relationship and overall power output of each line array element.

The performance of the RD 208LA and RD 212LA is dependent on the electronic settings in the active crossover, thus the sound engineer has complete flexibility to work with both the line array elements and this way the best possible sonic output can be achieved from both the systems.

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