Coaxial loudspeakers have a close association with car audio, but coaxials can do miracles in the professional audio industry. Since music emanates from a single point in space, loudspeakers in the professional audio world must try to achieve the same; this is where Roger Drego coaxial loudspeakers come in.

These coaxial loudspeakers are meant for live sound applications as well as for venues wherein high-quality installed sound is the main priority. The coaxial loudspeakers have been tested for extensive periods of time, not to mention that time alignment of the drivers which is a primary objective of any coaxial loudspeaker; has been carefully looked into. With the help of accurate measurements the pattern of response and on-axis behavior was closely monitored which has helped the engineering team tailor a perfect set of coaxial loudspeakers.

Roger Drego coaxial loudspeakers belong to the high-power 2-way design; their primary objective is to accurately reproduce the entire audio spectrum without particularly emphasizing on a certain frequency band – in short Roger Drego coaxial loudspeakers believe in a balanced sonic output.

Thanks to a number of years of research with different cone and cabinet materials, Roger Drego’s coaxial loudspeakers are capable of delivering a sonic performance that is unrivaled. The loudspeakers are capable of high SPLs (sound pressure levels) and low distortion. Moreover, the coaxial series is known for its superior and precise imaging capabilities, this is further complimented with high-quality cabinets which are constructed out of birch plywood.

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