After creating waves with its exclusive outlets at Bandra and Juhu, True Tram Trunk (T3) has become the quite the nightlife attraction, with the city’s youth of all ages associating its name with great music, great food and an amazing slew of crafts, draughts and spirits. And now, Tru Tramm Trunk takes its unique brand of the grungy American pub-like bar vibe to Powai – another bustling suburb within the city that is soon on the uptake when it comes to a buzzing nightlife scene.
The venue as a whole, is spread across 2 floors, with the first level housing the always energy intense bar/pub area, while the upper level sports a plush open to air terrace which is aptly named Tru Tramm Trunk Terrace (T4) Live. T4 Live forms the key attraction, as patrons usually flock to the site in the evening to enjoy the sunset and breeze, along with the comforts and uber cool ambience of the place.
A definite highlight of the place in addition to its signature FnB service is undoubtedly the music, with venue dishing out a variety of genres ranging from retro to pop to commercial and everything in between. The pub/bar section is almost always upbeat with a mix of genres that invariably ends with high energy commercial or Bollywood music playing as the night sets in and continuing on till the wee hours. The music at T4 Live also keeps rocking till the wee hours, but for the fact that it hosts its own dedicated music schedule.
What makes the music experience at Powai’s T3 and T4 Live respectively so revered by ardent patrons and visitors alike, is its characteristic signature sound, courtesy of an astute pro audio architecture found at each of the respective venues that features industry stalwart Roger Drego’s signature series of products.
At T3, the space features multiple numbers of the compact and efficient RD15 loudspeakers along with the supremely powerful RD21W subwoofers comprises the super-impactful main house system, with multiple numbers of the agile RD10 loudspeakers deployed as the fills and surround system. The loudspeakers in unison provide high quality performance and consistent coverage across the venue with impressive fidelity, and are amplified by RD 2.22 and RD 4.14 power amplifiers with a dB-Mark XCA28 DSP sorting the signal processing and management solution.
On the other hand, T4 features an equally adept and comprehensive setup with the main house system of multiple numbers of RD12 loudspeakers providing high quality consistent coverage across the open air space, and RD18W subwoofers providing an impactful low frequency punch; while the surround system comprising multiple numbers of the nimble RD10 loudspeakers further extend the coverage and impact. The loudspeaker system here again is amplified by RD 2.22 and RD4.14 power amplifiers; with a single unit of the dB-Mark XCA28 DSP enforcing the signal processing and management solution.
In what comes as a surprise to nobody, the management at RedBrik Hospitality – the promoters of T3 and T4 – are all praises for their respective audio systems asserting that the quality of sound, coverage and sheer impact is everything that they could have asked for and much more. Says a member “Working with Roger and his team is always a great experience, coz you know you’re in safe hands. These guys had done a fabulous job with our venues at Bandra and Juhu, and now with this space in Powai I believe they’ve just taken stuff to a whole new level. Absolutely wonderful sound experience. Couldn’t have asked for anything better!”