For every performing artist be it a lead singer, the bassist or a tabla player, the ability to clearly listen to oneself on stage is crucial. Good quality stage monitors help you achieve this feat without breaking a sweat. This explains why monitors are a different set of loudspeakers in terms of design and expectation.

Roger Drego monitor loudspeakers stand up to all the expectations of an artist, they reproduce clean crisp highs, an open and natural mid-range and a tight low-end. The monitor series consists of RD 12M and RD 15M which are based on coaxial technology and the RD 212M is a 2-way non-coaxial loudspeaker. The high-frequency horn of RD 12M, RD 15M and RD 212M ensures that the artists’ voice or the instrument doesn’t get lost amidst all the musical noise that unfolds on stage.

With the help of high-power and efficient transducers Roger Drego monitors are able to deliver a high amount of slam and attack in their output. Thanks to this excellent transient response Roger Drego monitors have become a favourite amongst vocalists and drummers.

These monitors are able to deliver high SPLs (Sound Pressure Levels) with low distortion. Roger Drego monitors are also known for their wide dispersions, this allows the artist freedom to move around the stage and still be able to hear themselves on the monitors.

RD 12M, RD 15M and RD 212M are constructed out of high-grade birch plywood; the compact wedge-shaped monitors are best suited for live performance applications in nightclubs, houses of worship, performing art venues, fixed and touring sound reinforcement applications and wherever floor monitors are desired.

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