When it comes to installation, loudspeakers need to fulfill two main criteria – firstly they need to sound good not only at high but also at low to moderate listening levels (sound pressure level) and secondly, which is the most important; they have to look good. After all you don’t want to install loudspeakers which are unattractive to look at.

This is why years of research and re-designing have gone into the making of Roger Drego Installation loudspeakers. The installation loudspeakers are designed keeping compactness and small form factor in mind. However, there is no compromise on sound quality, so even our small bookshelf speakers which are meant for indoor installation applications have the ability to impress you with their detailed, warm sound.

The installation loudspeakers are tested with a variety of components and materials so as to extract the best possible loudspeaker which can deliver unrivaled sound for indoor applications. The loudspeaker’s exterior finish, quality of paint, cabinet construction and grille components are also taken into consideration while designing each loudspeaker, after all the look of these loudspeakers is of top priority too.

Roger Drego installation loudspeakers are not only meant for restaurants, educational institutions and lounge areas where moderate listening levels are desired, but these loudspeakers can even cater to environments like nightclubs, theatres, houses of worship, commercial establishments, corporate and government organisations and various recreation and entertainment venues.

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