Audio engineers, DJs, musicians, live rental companies and fixed installations demand efficiency, reliability, and stability, the ability to handle difficult loads (loudspeakers), input/output connections flexibility and ease of use from professional power amplifiers. Most importantly these professional power amplifiers must have the ability to deliver a high power output and still sound great with the lowest possible distortion.

Roger Drego power amplifiers are best known for all the above characteristics, they cater to the lightweight SMPS loving market as well as the beefy and heavy transformer-based market. The power amplifiers are portable and easy to use in a variety of applications.

Calibrated and dented potentiometers for gain control, VCL (Voltage Clip Limiter) adjustment for discrete channels, 2 Core and 4 Core SPEAKON connector outputs, in-built high-pass and low-pass filters, 19” (2U) rack mounting options and various LED indicators on the front panel are some of the main features of Roger Drego power amplifiers.

The main advantage of Roger Drego power amplifiers is that a majority of them have 4 channels of output; this means you get the power and quality of a 4 channel power amplifier for the price of a 2 channel power amplifier. Roger Drego power amplifiers have created a benchmark in the industry for their ease of use and price-to-performance ratio without creating a big hole in your pocket. Need we say more?

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