Vortex is the new ‘it’ thing in Mumbai’s upmarket Marine Lines region, as people from all walks of life pour into the place to unwind, relax and have a good time while downing fresh brews and enjoying some fine hookah. But that’s just the start of the fun, as patrons affirm that apart from the FnB, the music experience at Vortex is what makes it one of the most popular hangouts in the locale, as the venue plays some of the finest music – from retro to pop to dance and hard-core electronica – all of which is pristinely delivered through a comprehensive pro audio system that comprises world class products from pro audio stalwart Roger Drego.
Multiple units of the RD15 and RD10 loudspeakers along with matching pair RD18W and RD12WC subwoofers covers the main area as it delivers all the thump and energy needed to bring the entire place to life and keep the party vibe at an all-time high. The Sheesha lounge sports RD5.25 loudspeakers with RD12WC subs to deliver the entire music spectrum, while a pair of RD8WP weatherproof loudspeakers round off the solution at the Cigar Lounge. The loudspeaker setup is powered through RD4.14 and RD4.08 power amplifiers along with Quest 2001 and Quest 1000P power amplifiers, all of which deliver the necessary juice; while the entire system is managed and controlled through the use of the ever-efficient DBMark XCA28 loudspeaker management units.
Commenting on the sound experience at Vortex, a member of the management shares “The combination of the loudspeakers delivers awesome punch with crystal clear audio across the entire space. And the system in total is a package that’s not only compact, efficient and high on performance value, but also extremely price competitive. This was exactly what we had requested for, and we’re happy to realize that Roger and his team have delivered true on their commitment to providing world-class quality sound. This has been an extremely fulfilling experience for us indeed.”