Vashi is now home to Nau Se Barah (9 to 12) – the hippest, fun-nest bar in town. Dressed in intriguing mix of colours and fantastic fun décor, the lounge has become one of the most happening chill-out destinations in Vashi today. But apart from the spirits and bites galore, patrons love chilling here for the range of soul stirring music, which always sounds great thanks to the ever-impressive pro audio reinforcement solution from pro audio stalwart Roger Drego’s signature series of products.
The comprehensive setup at Nau Se Barah comprises multiple numbers of the popular RD15 loudspeakers to ensure consistent high-quality coverage throughout the venue, with the RD18W subwoofers providing glorious low frequency impact. The DJ booth sports a pair of RD5.25 loudspeakers as the monitoring solution. The entire loudspeaker system is powered through RD4.14 power amplifiers and Quest QA1004 power amplifiers; with dB-Mark XCA28 DSP rounding off the signal processing and loudspeaker management solution.
A member of the management shares “The great audio setup is one of the key reasons behind the great energy and vibe that Nau Se Barah is famous for. The even coverage and maximum aural impact across the entire venue ensures that there’s absolutely no doubt that the place sounds positively fantastic. And this is only reaffirmed by the several compliments that we have received from our patrons. Needless to say, the owners are extremely pleased!”