The red paper lantern on Bandra’s famour Perry Cross Road signifies a traditional Japanese form of advertisement that calls to people hungry for food. The red lantern indicates that an izakaya, or tavern, is inside the building; and in this case, it signifies the presence of Izumi – Mumbai’s latest heartthrob for traditional Japanese cuisine.
Izumi is cozy in stature but exudes a truly beautiful ambience which in most cases makes for a lovely conversation starter. With an intimate dining setting that can seat about 16 people, the ceilings are adorned with dangling lamps that look like floating, shimmering soap bubbles, whereas the wall near sushi bar features a suspended shelving system with delicate potted plants, a Japanese doll, a filigreed dark fan, and more functionally, flatware. Cushions on wooden benches and onsen-style seats have black and white kogin embroidery or floral patterns in indigo katazome. The pure appearance of the place exudes a sense of soothing wellbeing – an aspect that is greatly appreciated by patrons, in addition to the delectable FnB of course.
Another aspect of the venue that patrons are highly appreciative of is the soothing aural ambience – music within the cozy setting is enjoyed at volumes that maintain listening pleasure without being harsh or over-powering. And this is achieved through an astute pro audio system featuring a carefully selected amalgam of products from Roger Drego’s signature series.
The sound system at Izumi comprises the use of multiple numbers of the wonderfully compact but highly impactful RD5.25 loudspeakers spread across the room, complemented with precisely positioned RD12WC compact sub-woofers, powered through Quest Audio’s QM1000p power-amplifiers and managed by a single unit of the QA2004 loudspeaker processing system.
A member of the management at Izumi shares their positive feedback about the sound experience saying, “Ours is a venue that’s meant to exude a sense of relaxation and foster conversation between patrons; and thus we needed a sound system that would provide the right balance between great sound quality with appropriate impact and just the right amount of volume. We’re glad to say that the RD system integrated by Roger and his team has more than met our expectations. We’re definitely pleased with the results.”