Located in the swanky suburb of Khar, Radio Bar is quite the rage in Mumbai; catering to the youth of all ages, serving up a tantalizing spread of FnB and playing some of the funkiest and hippest music in town that makes people groove to no end. And Radio Bar’s USP moves up a few more notches when you consider the fact that they’ve opted for an audio system par-excellence, with products from the iconic Roger Drego signature series gracing the venue.
Spread across two levels – the loudspeaker setup at Radio Bar has been tailored to best suit the individual spaces. Multiple numbers of the popular RD15 loudspeakers to ensure consistent high-quality coverage throughout the basement level with the RD218W subwoofers providing glorious low frequency impact; while the mezzanine powered through multiple numbers of the RD10 loudspeakers complemented by the RD18W subwoofers – thereby maintaining the same world class aural signature throughout the venue. The entire loudspeaker system is powered through RD4.14 power amplifiers; with dB-Mark XCA24 DSP squaring the signal processing and loudspeaker management solution.
The senior brass at Radio Bar assert that the system meets every single requirement of the venue, as they comment “The audio quality is mind-blowing. Crystal clear sound, great bass impact, easy to use and maintain – this system does it all!! Plus, everyone loves it – our regular patrons and also a number of DJs who have performed here! We’re absolutely happy with our RD system!”