A stalwart of sorts in Pune’s happening nightlife is ONE LOUNGE. Located in the always bustling Koregaon Park area, the venue sports bright lively décor, plush space, great food, amazing thirst quenchers and a peppy ambience that makes this one of the most popular hang-out spots in town. And the cherry on the cake here is the great selection of music that they play, which encompasses a little bit of every genre to please audiences from all walks of life indiscriminately. But taking the music experience up by several notches is the adept and comprehensive loudspeaker system adopted by the venue, which has been designed and commissioned by pro audio stalwart Roger Drego (and team!) using his signature series of pro audio products.
ONE LOUNGE features multiple numbers of the compact and efficient RD12 loudspeakers that deliver consistent high-quality audio across the venue, with the RD218W subwoofers providing impressive low frequency fidelity all through. The loudspeaker system here is amplified by RD 4.08 and RD2.22 power amplifiers; with a single unit of the Marani DPA260 shouldering the signal processing and management solution.
A member of the management at ONE LOUNGE notes, “Over the years ONE LOUNGE has been come to be loved and adored by the city’s youth for its unique look and feel – the extremely relaxed and inviting ambience makes it the perfect chillout spot, and the music we play makes it perfect for anyone to transition from a laid-back lounging experience to a night full of dancing and partying. It is for this specific reason that we chose a set of loudspeakers that not only fit in seamlessly with the venue’s ambience, but also deliver great quality audio performance. The RD system works to our favor here, and with each passing year we just continue to be impressed with the system’s ability to deliver great quality sound and music.”