Mumbai: Located in the uptown area of Mumbai, Nitrro gym – a famous gym and workout zone of the rich and the famous – has recently upgraded to a new PA system. The new system was installed and supplied by Star Professional Audio.

Nitrro gym draws a number of rich and famous who love to work out and stay fit. The owners decided to make the exercise regime more enjoyable with an improved audio system. The new PA system is designed, keeping in mind the wide area of the gym and as well as the playback requirements of the space. The gym has been installed with more than half a dozen of Roger Drego loudspeakers.

A total of six RD 10 loudspeakers cater to the mid-high requirements of the gym and work out area, while three RD 12WC subwoofers reproduce the required low-end. The loudspeakers in the gym are powered by an Fs Audio LDP-700 power amplifier accompanied by a Quest 2003 and 3003. The PA system in the gym is controlled via a dB-Mark XCA28 DSP.

Also, there is an attractive DJ booth at the gym, which is sure to catch one’s attention. It is a unique dome shaped design, which looks like a disco mirror ball. The DJ console consists of two Pioneer CDJ 900 CD players and a Pioneer DJ 900 mixer.

With the Roger Drego PA system in place, the gym has received a complete face-lift. Thanks to the superior audio quality of the products installed, the gym has added an extra star to its star-studded reputation.