Mumbai: Known for one of the best food and drinking scene in the city, Havana café and bar recently opened its doors for business with a brand new decor and PA system in place. Havana brings Cuba to Colaba, this famed café has taken the place of Polly Esther’s, a famous 70’s nightclub located in The Gordon House Hotel.

The themed café and bar has an extensive menu of cocktails and a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food for its guests, who are looking out for an authentic South-American café and bar in the city. Along with the Cuban cigars and rum, guests can also sit back and enjoy the high-quality sound system of the café, thanks to the PA system put in place by Star Professional Audio.

The PA was designed keeping in mind the coverage area and the consistency in sound quality across the café. The café and bar has fourteen RD 6.5 loudspeakers and three RD 12WC subwoofers as the main PA. A RD 6.5 has been installed for the DJ as a booth monitor. The PA system is amplified by two RD 4.08 power amplifiers; it has an Allen and Heath ZED 14 mixer and a dB-Mark XCA48 DSP for signal processing and management solutions.

For live performances, a Shure wireless headset and a wireless guitar transmitter have also been provided. Be it jazz, retro or dance music, the sound system at the café is able to satisfy all the requirements of the venue and also provide a substantial amount of SPL (sound pressure level) when the need arises. The audio quality is unparalleled – with crystal clear sound. The new compact PA system has won appreciation from the café owners and also a number of DJs who have played at the café.