The Khar Gymkhana in Mumbai is home to some of the most elite members of society in Mumbai’s upmarket Khar suburb. With members enjoying leisure and activities that encompass sport, arts, usic and much more, the space also hosts one of the most popular leisure and dining spots in town. The name – BLACK DOG.
Be it parties, or relaxed intimate social gatherings – BLACK DOG offers an experience that’s unique and enticing in its own right, and a key highlight of the venue is the amazing music experience, which is delivered through an efficient and dexterous sound system from pro audio stalwart Roger Drego.
The poignant pro audio setup comprises a comprehensive loudspeaker system with multiple units of the RD15 and RD8 loudspeakers along with matching pair RD218W subwoofers covers the main area as it delivers all the thump and energy needed to bring the entire place to life and keep the vibe at an all-time high, while a pair of RD12M loudspeakers round off the monitoring solution at the DJ console. The loudspeaker setup is powered through RD4.14 and RD4.08 power amplifiers that deliver the necessary juice, while the entire system is managed and controlled through the use of the ever-efficient Marani DPA260 loudspeaker management unit.
A member of the management at BLACK DOG emphasizes, “A lot of our patrons have complimented us on the great quality of sound and music here. Roger and his team have done a great job, and the system does full justice to the venue and delivers exactly what was expected – amazing power and top quality sound performance!”