DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) are the real-time intelligence of any professional audio system. With the help of DSPs routing, signal processing, EQ, system delay, crossover settings, loudspeaker management and a variety of other features are available, thanks to the microprocessors that are specially designed for audio and digital communications. These features not only help improve the overall output of a particular system but they also help achieve precise control and improve the overall accuracy of an audio system.

Star Professional Audio deals in the XCA series of dB-Mark DSPs. dB-Mark DSPs offer a high value for money, they have a number of features to help route, process and manage an entire professional audio system. The audio quality of dB-Mark DSPs is unrivalled. Its intuitive, simple and easy to use User Interface makes them an ideal choice not only for fixed but also live sound applications. With dB-Mark DSPs you can achieve accurate and complete control of every component in the signal chain. And to add to it, their balanced tonal quality adds another white feather to their cap.

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