Mumbai: Star Professional Audio’s pro av team carried out an impressive installation at Heaven’s dog, earlier known as Blue Waters in Andheri in August 2014. Previously, Heaven’s Dog was a family restaurant, but now it has been transformed into an outdoor lounge and restaurant area.

Star Professional Audio’s installation team carried out an extensive research on the area. Cabling and power solutions, placement of loudspeakers and most importantly the acoustics of the restaurant were taken into consideration while designing the PA for the restaurant and the outdoor lounge.

The main PA consisted of four RD 12, one RD 218W and one RD 18W. A RD 8 loudspeaker was also used for the VIP area. The PA for the terrace lounge consisted of four RD 6.5 and a RD 12A was used as a monitor for the DJ. All amplification was carried out by a RD 4.05, RD 4.08 and a RD 2.22 power amplifier. And most importantly, a dB-Mark 48-IV DSP was used for all routing and processing applications. In terms of cabling, high-quality 4 core cable was used for all the loudspeakers to prevent any signal loss and degradation of audio quality.

One of the main challenges faced by the installation team was the low ceiling of the restaurant. The placement of the loudspeakers and the flying points were done in an innovative manner so as to ensure that the lights and decorative fixtures would not obstruct the projection path of any loudspeaker. Roger Drego suggested appropriate placements for the subwoofers too, so that all the energy would be focused on the dance floor and there would be no low-frequency cancellations.

With the help of the dB-Mark 48-IV DSP, the installation team provided a novel way of controlling the audio level for three different zones of the restaurant. The sound pressure level (SPL) and EQ could be controlled of any zone with the dB-Mark DSP and that too from a single point which was the DJ booth.

Roger Drego’s pro audio system has improved the overall ambience of the restaurant to a great extent. The owners were happy with the overall sound quality as well as with the look and placement of the loudspeakers. The entire setup looked neat and attractive. The installation team was spear headed by the pro audio expert Roger Drego himself, followed by Gavin D’Souza, Jeremy Rana, Suren Gamre, William Dcosta, Shelton Mitra and Lionel D’Souza.